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Competitive Edge


Urbane’s Competitive Edge Assessments are the heartbeat of our services. Urbane believes that working together as a collective team and viewing the program holistically is the best way to construct, implement, review and evaluate with an open dialogue as it relates to lessons learned, areas of growth, and creating a full scope of service and programmatic design.


These assessments are conducted with the administration to ensure that the program is critiqued with the desired outcomes and objectives. Our assessments ensure that the program is proceeding as expected, and are designed to review data, accomplishments, measurable results & challenges of the program.

Professional Development


Urbane’s Professional Development Seminar assists individuals in maximizing their potential as educators and leaders. Our seminars enhance team building, increase your team's understanding of social and emotional intelligence, Diversity and inclusion psychosocial analytics, and their leadership development.

Urbane's Mission

At Urbane, we recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each client. Beginning with our first meeting, we lay out a customizable operational plan that will suit the specific needs of each client. In addition to Schools and Education, we service the Financial & Professional Services, and Resources & Infrastructure industries.

Keynote and

Conference Addresses

Urbane’s keynote & conference addresses capture the essence of your desired needs and provide direction for the event’s purposes and goals. These addresses are full of energy and emphasize the importance of obtaining and maintaining focus for all participants. The objectives of the keynote or conference address are custom designed for the organization, company, school, district, college/university or department to maximize and capitalize on strengths and areas of growth.

New and Transitional

Educator Training

New teachers usually assume the same work responsibilities as their more experienced peers. These teachers experience a steep learning curve and must adapt to their work environments and learn quickly. Urbane's New & Transitional Educator Training will assist new teachers by providing them the insight and strategies necessary for navigating the grand system of education in & outside of the classroom.


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